Query for sleep samples.
Each sleep sample represents a period of time with a startDate and an endDate. the sample's value will be either INBED, ASLEEP, or a sleep stage (DEEP, CORE, REM). In bed and sleeping samples should overlap, meaning that two (or more) samples represent a single nights sleep activity. See [Healthkit SleepAnalysis] reference documentation.
The options object is used to setup a query to retrieve relevant samples. The options must contain startDate and may also optionally include endDate, ascending, or limit options
Example input options:
let options = {
startDate: new Date(2021, 0, 0).toISOString(), // required
endDate: new Date().toISOString(), // optional; default now
limit: 10, // optional; default no limit
ascending: true, // optional; default false
AppleHealthKit.getSleepSamples(options, (err: Object, results: Array<HealthValue>) => {
if (err) {
Example output:
"id": "3d366e60-4f7c-4f72-b0ce-479ea19279b8", // The universally unique identifier (UUID) for this HealthKit object.
"endDate": "2021-03-22T16:34:00.000-0300",
"sourceId": "",
"sourceName": "Health",
"startDate": "2021-03-22T15:34:00.000-0300",
"value": "INBED"